Course Overview

Revit Architecture is a software package used by architects, engineers and building designers for architectural, engineering and construction projects. With the help of Revit, the users can create 2D and 3D models, and carry out various analysis of the building to evaluate its feasibility. The software is widely used in the construction industry to plan, design, construct and manage buildings more efficiently. The course will provide an introduction to the software, its interface, and features. The students will learn how to create different types of building elements, annotation and dimensions, and apply materials and finishes. They will also be able to generate schedules and produce documentation for the building, and collaborate with other design professionals. The course will enable students to develop a comprehensive understanding of Revit Architecture and use it effectively for their design projects.

ntroduction to CAD DESK
Introduction to Revit Architecture
Project Templates
Exploring the User Interface
Starting a Project
Project Units, Dimensions, Levels, etc.

Create Wall & Curtain Walls
Doors & Windows
New Component
Floors & Roofs
Ceiling & Lightening


Modify Tools

Managing Views

Model Texts
Model Line etc.

Insert Decal
Insert CAD file
Model Texts
Load Family

Vertical Opening
Shaft opening
Multiple floor Shaft opening
Dormer opening
Wall opening
Opening by Face

Room Plans and Separation
Area Boundaries
Area Tags
Colour fill legend

Material Takeoff
Visibility & Graphics

Introduction to Mass Family
Creating in Place Masses using Forms
Site Design
In-Place Families
Family Creation
Introduction New Conceptual mass

Printing and Exporting