Course Overview

Lumion is a 3D rendering software that is ideal for architects, urban planners, interior designers and other professionals who want to create highly realistic visualizations of their designs. The Lumion course is designed to teach students how to use this software to bring their designs to life, by teaching them how to create realistic lighting, materials, and textures. The course also covers how to create animations and walkthroughs, which can be used to showcase designs to clients and other stakeholders. Whether you are new to Lumion or want to enhance your existing Lumion skills, this course will equip you with the knowledge you need to create stunning 3D visualizations.

Controlling the camera
Lumion’s hotkeys
Using the Settings window
Modeling for Lumion
Additional models
Importance of materials
Solving common problems
Exporting 3D models
Using the COLLADA format
Exporting animations

Creating a scene
Using the nine presets
Sculpting the terrain
Creating and using a heightmap
Configuring the Editor quality
Use of layers

Importing 3D models
Adding Lumion content
Placing and reallocating 3D models
Accurate placing
Updating a 3D model with new geometry
Replacing 3D models
Locking a 3D model

Available materials in Lumion
Adding materials
Special materials
Importing materials
Tweaking imported materials
The Glass special features
Creating materials in Lumion
Using the Standard material
Creating bump maps
Working with materials
Organizing materials
Saving materials
Copying and pasting materials
How to solve flickering

The 3D models available
Placing content
Working with multiple objects
Controlling the models
Selecting different objects
Editing models’ properties
Tweaking the grass
Scattering elements

The Lumion weather system
Lumion lights
Interior illumination
Tweaking spotlights
Improving lighting
Best practices with spotlights
Improving reflections

Special effects—fire, smoke, and fog
Applying and controlling the special effects
The differences between the Photo and Movie modes
Using the Sun Study for accurate lighting
Tweaking shadows
Creating realistic reflections
Improving realism with camera effects
Rendering still images

Non-photorealistic Render
Using NPR visualizations
Creating NPR using Lumion
Artistic effects—what is available
Controlling Lumion’s effects
Exploring artistic effects
Creating conceptual visualizations
The Painting and Watercolour effects
The Sketch effect
Creating technical illustrations with the Manga and Cartoon effects
Correcting perspectives in Lumion
The Sharpness effect

Introduction to Lumion animation
Planning your movie
Working with cameras
Creating a camera path
Composition and how to use it
Editing clips
Changing the length of clips
Camera-filming techniques
Deleting and controlling multiple clips
Animating effects and layers
Using layers to control objects

Detailed Import and Output Formats
Model Library
High-Quality Animated Characters
3D Sound Effects
Material Library
Environment & Weather
Scene Editor
20 Scene Layers
Movie Editor
Movie Effects
Special Effects