Course Overview

Google Sketchup is a powerful 3D modeling software that can be used for a wide range of applications, including architecture, interior design, and product design. Taking a Google Sketchup course by Caddesk Mysore can offer several advantages, such as learning the basics of 3D modeling, creating detailed and realistic models, improving design skills, and enhancing job opportunities. The course provides hands-on experience with the software and offers a structured curriculum that covers the fundamental concepts of 3D modeling. It also provides tips and tricks for creating complex designs, including how to use advanced tools and features. Additionally, the course provides a supportive learning environment, where students can collaborate with other like-minded learners and receive feedback from experienced instructors. Overall, a Google Sketchup course by Caddesk Mysore can be an excellent investment for anyone interested in 3D modeling and design.

Introduction to Sketch Up
The Space Navigator 3D Mouse Types of Models
Save Options
Creating text
Backup Files

Select or Change a Template
Add the Large Tool Set
The Select Tool
Modifier Keys
The Views Toolbar: Generate Orthographic Drawings
Select with Selection and Crossing Windows
Customize the Desktop
Make a Custom Template

Faces and Edges
The Eraser Tool
The Pencil and Freehand Tools
The Move Tool
Causes of a Non-Filling Face
Color-Coordinate the Model’s Lines
Model a Table
Model a Bookcase
Model a Clock with Radial Array

Prepare a Raster File for Import
Draft a Plan by Tracing a Raster Image
Trace Interior Walls
Edge Styles Again
From Plan to Model
Flashing Planes
Draft a Plan from a Paper Sketch
Interior Vs. Exterior Models
Components in Single vs. Double-Sided Walls
Create Plan and Elevation Views
Model a Building from an AutoCAD Plan
Interact with Revit
Model a Sloped Ceiling with the Protractor Tool

Model the Shell and First Floor
Model the Second Floor
Model the Living Room
Model a Cabinet
Model Crown Molding with the Follow Me Tool
Model a Stairs and railings
Edit a Downloaded Staircase
The Outliner

Introduction to painting
Paint with Native SketchUp Materials
Paint with Textures
Paint the Stairs
Import Swatches from Other Models
Put New Colors and Textures into the Software
Check Face Orientation on Painted Surfaces
Apply a Real-Life Design Scheme to the Model
Import a Texture
Photo-Match an Interior Space

Annotate the Model
Dimension a Floor Plan
Creating terrain from scratch
The Walk-Through Tools
What Are Dynamic Components
Save Vs. Export
Enhance with Other Software
Enhance with Hand-Rendering