Fusion 360

Modeling, manufacturing & analysis in a single software.

Course Overview

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD, CAM, and CAE platform that combines industrial design, mechanical engineering, and machine tool programming into one software solution. Fusion 360 is widely used in creating effective prototypes prior to manufacturing, which reduces the impact of design changes and the final product can be produced faster. By joining CAD DESK classroom training for Fusion 360, students get an opportunity to learn from our expert trainers; who give a great emphasis on delivering the best quality training to each of its learners.

Fusion 360 provides a wide range of manufacturing and material constraints from high-performing design alternatives. CAD DESK provides the best coaching classes to its students in the field of CAD, CAM & CAE. And, while taking the software training for Fusion 360, students are encouraged to do an Internship and also get an opportunity to go for industrial visits as well.

CAD DESK imparts 100 % Placement assistance to their students through which students get an opportunity to be placed in various companies in India. While doing CAD coaching classes, students also get study materials, e-books, tutorials, and projects along with their student panel. They further get an additional benefit of a transfer facility through which they can move to any of our CAD franchise centers in India; even if they are enrolled at CAD DESK Mysuru or at any other center. After finishing the software training, CAD DESK students get a Fusion 360 certificate of course completion that helps them to escalate their careers.

Courses Contents

Introduction to PDC & CAD/CAM/CAE
Parametric and Non-Parametric Modelling
Introduction to Fusion 360
GUI of Autodesk Fusion 360
Sketch Entities
Sketch Modifying Tools
Parametric Sketching
Geometric Relations
Dimensional Constraints
Solid Creation Tools
Solid Modifying Tools
Construct Tools
Insert Tab
Selection Tab
Sheet Metal Design
Surface Modelling
Create Free Form
T-Spline Box, Cylinder, Sphere etc.
Face, Extrude. Revolve, Sweep, Loft
Edit Form
Insert edge and point, and Subdivide
Merge Edge, Bridge, Fill Hole, Erase and fill
Weld Vertices and Unweld Edges
Crease and Uncrease
Bevel and Slide Edges
Appearance and Physical Material
Symmetry Tools
Utility Tools
Introduction to Assembly
Types of Assembly Design Approaches
Creating a New Component
Applying As-Built Joints
Applying Joints
Motion Links
Render Set-up
Edit Environment
Render Settings
Canvas Render
Render Tool
Story Board
Animation Timeline
Manual and Auto Explode
View Record
Generating Drawing Views
Editing or Modifying Drawing Views
Inserting Sheets in the Current File
Adding Annotations
Adding Balloons
Generating the Bill of Material (BOM)
Output as PDF