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NX CAM is the world leader in Computer-Aided Manufacturing.


Siemens NX is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package that is used for mechanical product design, engineering, and manufacturing. It is the most flexible and innovative product design application used for product development solutions in the industry. CAD DESK provides classroom training for NX CAM through which students get an opportunity to learn from our expert trainers; who give a great emphasis on delivering the best quality training to each of its learners.

NX CAM uses the most consistent 3D models, data, and processes that produce complex parts with fewer actions and setups and eventually reduces the costs and delivery times. CAD DESK provides the best coaching classes to its students in the field of CAD, CAM & CAE. And, while taking the software training for NX CAM, students get motivated to do Internship and also gets an opportunity to go for industrial visits as well.

During the NX CAM training, students get many benefits like student panel, study materials, e-books, tutorials, and projects which gives them the better understanding of the concepts of NX CAM and also help them to grow in their career. CAD DESK students get an option to transfer themselves to any of our CAD Franchise Centre in India, even if they have been registered at CAD DESK Mysuru or at any other CAD center. After the course completion, student not just only get the NX CAM certificate but also gets placement assistance through which they can be placed in any of the companies all over India and abroad.


Milling Operation
Turning Operations
Drilling Operations
Creating Operation
Program Generation and Verification
Operation Method
Post Processing