Autodesk Inventor

Professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tool.

Course Overview

Autodesk's Inventor Professional provides professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools. It works efficiently with a powerful blend of parametric, direct, freeform, and rules-based design capabilities. This online Inventor live training course focuses on enhanced productivity in creating assemblies and designing part models.

Along with sketched features, Inventor has excellent capability to generate frames, Assembly Features, and design sheet metal parts, and weldments. CAD DESK encourages the students to do an Internship during the course and work on various projects. CAD DESK provides quality training on the latest version of Inventor.

Courses Contents

Introduction to PDC
Introduction to CAD/CAM/CAE
GUI of Autodesk Inventor
Designing Parametric Parts
Creating 2D Sketches
Constraining the Sketches
Adding Dimensioning to Sketches
Creating and Editing Sketched Features
Creating Work Features
Creating Chamfers and Fillets
Creating Holes and Threads
Patterning and Mirroring Features
Creating Thin-Walled Parts
Drawing Creation Environment
Drawing Sheet Preparation
Creating Title Blocks and Borders
Base and Projected Viewss
Section Views
Detail Views
Managing Views
Bill of Materials
Creating and Customizing Parts Lists
Creating Balloons
Introduction to Surfacing
Surface body creation tools
Surface body editing tools
Importing Surfaces
Repairing Imported Surfaces
Introduction to Assembly
Different Assembly Approaches
Frame Generator
Introduction to Inventor Studio
Sheet Metal Concepts
Sheet Metal Terminology
Working with Sheet Metal Rules
Creating Sheet Metal Features