Course Overview

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is widely used for web development, system scripting, and software development. Python supports easy syntax which helps the developers to write the program in very few lines. CAD DESK training course offers comprehensive knowledge about Python along with the working of strings, functions, data types, and variables, etc. in Python. Python follows the interpreter system which enables it to execute the code as soon as it is written, which ultimately provides quick prototyping. Python is compatible with majorly all platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac, etc. It has a variety of built-in functions available which helps in creating the codes for the program very easily. CAD DESK promotes student Internship and all trainings are given on the latest version of Python. CAD DESK certificate gives a hike to student career and helps them.

Introduction to Python
Working with Data Types and Variables
Working with Conditional Construct
Object-Oriented Concepts
Working with Strings
Working with Functions
Working with Files
Exception Handling
Regular Expressions
GUI Based Programming