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About us

We create dreams for the future.

CAD DESK provides professional software training on a vast array of courses in the fields of CAD, CAM and CAE. Since its founding in 2015, CAD DESK has provided training to over 1.5 Lakhs+ students and professionals of various countries.

Since its inception, in a very short span of time itself, with the qualitative services of training and well-designed training modules, CAD DESK has expanded its network and become the topmost leading franchise network. CAD DESK proudly owns 170+ franchise centers in various parts of the country. Furthermore, we are now expanding our network in the various countries in the world.

CAD DESK is the Authorized Training Partner of Cad Desk India, PTC, Bentley Systems and Dassault Systemes. It enables us to work on a wide range of software – Civil CAD, Mechanical CAD, Electrical CAD.

    Ravindra Agrawal

    Managing Director

    Over a decade, CAD DESK has established an enviable record of quality and accomplishment in the field of CAD, CAM & CAE. Since our inception, CAD DESK has attained a reputation for its quality training, insertion of latest technologies and excellent student support system. CAD DESK was started with a vision to create a network for engineers and technocrats, which enables them to know the upcoming technologies thus become the world-class technocrats/innovators. Added further, this is an endeavor to develop a platform where academia, designers and Industries work together to achieve the desired goals and making India a land of innovators. In the span, we have walked through a halfway and feel still a lot more to go on…

      Mrs. Meena Agarwal

      Academic Director

      ITDESK was started further to cater to the need of emerging technologies in the IT field. Inclusion of new programming languages, CMS, data science, artificial intelligence and robotics have transformed the prevailing IT practices since last 2 decades into the new skills and IT DESK was started further to cater the high-end technological need in India.
      Best Institute in Mysore for CAD, CAM, CAE


      CAD DESK offers comprehensive software training on CAD, CAM, CAE and CS/IT. Our training programs do not just focus on theoretical concepts, but its practical aspects fulfill the career objectives of the students as well as professionals.


      Our Mission is to provide a world class training through innovative and futuristic approach which will enable students to become completely equipped professionals and helps them to make a positive impact in the global industrial scenario.

      20Years’ Experience in CAD

      1.5 Lakh Plus Satisfied Students

      CAD DESK has trained around 1.5 Lakh students from the world in online and offline training in 20 years. Around 40 thousand get trained every year in CAD and IT Training from the world.

      • 500+ enrollments every year in a single course
      • 3000+ students upgrade their courses every year
      • 2000+ students choose master program every year

      Celebrating 20 Years of Experience in CAD Trainings

      CAD DESK is celebrating 20 years of experience in CAD Trainings. Quality training from experienced or expert Instructors is the moto of CADDESK.

      • More than 15 years of experience on industrial projects based training
      • Years of Experience with Instructors

      Leading with 150+ Centres in 28 States

      CAD DESK CAD DESK has expanded its network, currently with 150+ Franchise Partners, replicating our Education Model in 28 States across India. As a result, CAD DESK has substantially increased its well-trained student base.

      • Online and Offline Courses – Learn Anytime
      • Strong Support to Students – Students Panel


      The curriculum of the CAD training in Mysuru by CADDESK and Workshops at our leading CAD institute is set in such a manner that students and professionals can gain more experience in the field they choose. CADDESK is expanding every day in terms of knowledge due to its expertise in the training field. This level of knowledge is surely shown in the placement record of CAD DESK and makes us the best CAD Training Center in Mysuru. CADDESK has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality education and training. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalizing education through its different training programs. We at CADDESK Mysuru provide finest Interior Design, Multimedia and CAD training courses with the best syllabus. All Classes are conducted by the expert industry professionals. 

      Why join us
      Best Institute in Mysore for CAD, CAM, CAE

      Best Institute in  Mysuru for  CAD, CAM, CAE 

      The Curriculum of the CAD Training in Mysuru by CADDESK and Workshops at our leading CAD training in Mysuru is set in such a manner that students and professionals can gain more experience in the field they choose. CADDESK is expanding every day in terms of knowledge due to its expertise in the training field. This level of knowledge is surely shown in the placement record of CAD DESK and makes us the best CAD training center in Mysuru .

      CAD Training for Mechanical

      Mechanical CAD courses find application in all manufacturing sectors including heavy machineries, ship building, aerospace, automobile. They are also employed in engineering services and product design companies. They, carry out a wide range of design and analysis activities, in the product development lifecycle.

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      AutoCAD Training for Mechanical
      AutoCAD Training for Civil

      CAD Training for Civil

      In education of structural design, civil CAD training helps in analyzing & calculating the rigidity, stability, and strength of structures. In the land survey and transportation, it teaches on how to conduct the land survey for determine the position of points and angles distances on the land. The segment of building design upskills an individual in planning and designing layouts of a building.


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      President & Leadership

      What is CAD ?

      Computer-aided design (CAD) is a software that is used by architects, engineers, drafters, artists, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. CAD software can be used to create two-dimentional (2D) drwaings or three dimentional (3D) models.

      Advantages Of CAD

      • Reduced storage space.
        Corrections can be made easily.
        Repetitive parts of the drawing can be saved and imported as part of a “CAD library”.
        CAD systems cam be linked with CAM machines to produce objects straight from tge drawings.
        3D CAD designs can be made to look realistic bt using the material library for clients to see.
        CAD desings can be easily shared between companies or department using email.
        CAD can be used to create simulated environments to show the clients.

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      AutoCAD, Revit, Catia, 3DS MAX and many more amazing courses to choose from. What are you waiting for?

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      Advantages of CAD Desk Mysuru

      What format can the drawings be sent in?

      The files can be sent in any graphics format like TIFF, JPEG or PDF. Paper drawings can be couriered to our office.AutoCAD drawings may be emailed to us for 3D modeling and animation.

      What drawing standards are followed?

      We follow the standards you set. We can also use default standards such as the AIA guidelines.

      In what resolution can the paper drawings be scanned?

      The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150 DPI – 200 DPI, and the most important part is the clarity of the information sent.

      How do you send heavy data files?

      We can transfer a large amount of data through our high-speed internet services. Also, we can burn a CD and post it to you as per your convenience.

      Are these services permissible under the law?

      Yes. These Net-Enabled services are covered under the WTO agreement and are signed by more than 110 countries.

      Qualified Instructors
      Placement Assistance
      100% Quality Assured