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Most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for data.


Tableau is an interactive, self-service reporting and analytics tool which provides the most convenient way to transform the raw data into an easily understandable form. Tableau can extract data from multiple databases, like Excel, Oracle, PDF, and create visualizations that can be accessed in a single desktop environment using Tableau Desktop or through a shared dashboard. IT DESK training course provides in detail knowledge about Tableau and how to access and manage the data and create dashboards and worksheets.

Tableau Software has such a user-friendly interface that it can be easily operated by a non-technical person and also does not require any kind of programming skills to operate. In Tableau, we can create a range of visualizations and can switch between different visualizations to explore the data. IT DESK provides the students to do Internship and also conducts regular Industrial visits during the course. All the trainings are given on the latest version of Tableau.

IT DESK certificate enhances the job opportunities for its students and provides recognition in the industry.


Data Preparation using Tableau
Data Connection with Tableau Desktop
Data Connection with Tableau Desktop